Judy Cerda

I recently had the lead role of Sarah in The Painter movie about a young man in love with a young woman (me) who doesn't communicate his true feelings for her and gets suspicious of her gay male friend.  He ends up killing himself and stabbing the painting he made of her while she is depressed that he didn't show up at a gallery opening she invited him to because she cared about him too.  It shows how assuming can get a person into serious trouble and cause people to do crazy things.  I am enclosing a photo of me in a pink dress on a date to the gallery from this movie.
I also had the lead role of Dr. Helga Jen, a psychiatrist, in a movie called The Anagram recently wherein I desperately tried to save a patient from committing suicide.  This is a really intense movie and I loved playing the role.  I am enclosing a photo of myself with the crew from this movie. 
I also played the role of Patty Roebuck in Millennium Apocolypse: The Dark Inside You which is a web series.  As the wife in a romantic scene, I ended up running into a very fearful night where unexpected terror strikes. 

I also have a lead role in a movie called United Flesh coming up soon wherein I play Queenie, a nurse determined to save an unusual human being.  There are some horrific scenes in this.
I also recently had the role of Debra Mason on the national TV show, I Almost Got Away With It, which is a crime drama series.  I played a victim who had some emotional scenes in this.  This TV show has aired several times on the Discovery ID channel.


How have you been since the last time we chatted?

.  I've been busy.  I have done several short films,  a couple of tv episodes, a few web series, a few commercials and a few music videos.  It's been a good year so far.

First of all, let me thank you for agreeing to appear in my Hot & Horrifying book, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. What was your reaction the first time you saw the final galley proof? Impressed?

Yes!  I think the book was a great idea and I'm proud to be in it.

I’ve been tossing this question lately to mixed reaction; Why is it you think that the horror genre has endured for so long, despite it’s many changes in format? Why are so many people attracted to the darker side of literature and film?

I think it is so popular because it takes people away from their mundane lives and brings them into a fantasy world.  A world where people have to fear things that they don't normally think about and it makes people feel as if their own lives with its regular problems aren't so bad.  It's like going on a scary, thrilling carnival ride.  People enjoy being scared for a moment and then laughing about it afterwards.   It also shows normal people performing heroic feats to defend themselves and is thrilling to watch.  I prefer horror movies myself.  It's just like experiencing Halloween; Halloween is still so popular after all these years.

Is horror your favorite genre to work with, or are you the type who’d prefer to work within other genres as well, be a more versatile actress?

I prefer working in different genres.  I don't just do horror films and web series.  I also have done serious dramas, comedies and many sci fi tv shows and films.  It's great to do different types of projects instead of just sticking to the same genre.

Your resume is impressive: Dancer, singer, model, actress. Which is your primary career choice?

Acting is definitely my number one choice.  I am also a singer and have done some professional recordings for movies and on cd's and will continue to do them but my focus is mainly on acting.  I can't get enough of it and see myself doing this for many years to come.

Tell me about The Anagram. It sounds interesting.

The Anagram is a short movie about a psychologist named Dr. Helga Jen (played by me) who thinks she cured a patient but realizes over the web cam during a conference that he is not cured and about to commit a crime.  It is really dramatic in that she is trying to stop him throughout the movie and he is tantalizing her with his antics.  I think it is a really intense movie that people will enjoy and also get a surpise out of.

I understand you’ve done some TV work now, too. What shows? Channels?

As for tv shows, I was recently on a show called "Voices in Health" which played on several stations in the east bay, in an episode called "Grandma's Purse" playing the daughter to the grandmother and the mom to a baby.  The show was a dramatization of what can happen regarding little children getting ahold of prescription pills.  It was a fun episode to do and the crew was great to work with.  I was also on the national tv show "I Almost Got Away With It" which plays nationally on the Discovery ID and Discovery channels.  I played a good supporting role of Debra Mason, a victim, in this crime drama series.  This has aired several times and will be airing again as they tend to repeat their episodes a lot.  I filmed my scenes in Petaluma and Treasure Island.  It was a truly rewarding experience. 

Any exciting news on the horizon? Any new films coming out?

.  I will be filming a new film called "The Bench" in a few weeks playing the wife, Sophia Giovanni, in flasback scenes about a man grieving over his dead wife and remembering the good times.  I'll be filming this in Vallejo and look forward to it as the scenes sound beautiful.  I also have the lead role of Queenie in a horror/sci fi feature film called "United Flesh".  Queenie is a nurse who is really practicing medicine to the fullest and trying to help out a neighbor of hers.  There are some horrific scenes in it that horror fans will love.  I start fiming this feature this month and look forward to it. 
There is also an episode of "Mom Gone Wild" on line now which will also be going to different film festivals when all the episodes are put together, wherein I played the daughter, Lydia, dealing with a mother with dementia.  This is a real horror comedy that was a lot of fun to do.  I was in a tv series called "Invocation" wherein I played Joyce McCann, a real estate agent, which aired recently on tv stations in Arizona.  I also played this role in the short film "Invocation". 

Thank you so much for interviewing me!

Thank you for being here!

Movie Shot 1:

From the film, Millennium Apocalypse: the Dark Inside

Movie shot 2:

From the film, The Anagram