David Boyer 

David Boyer is the author of nine non-fiction books, editor of numerous fiction collections, and has now signed on to co-produce three films. His screenplay, JOAN CRAWFORD HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE, has been picked up for a 2011 release. Three of his non-fiction memoir books have been showcased at book stores all over the world.

He lives in Vincennes, Indiana, with his cats, Toby, Buckwheat, and Sissy, who help him ''edit'' his manuscripts by jumping on the keyboard when he's not looking. He may be reached via his personal email at dboyer5950@gmail.com 



The Queens of Scream

Film Prodigies and Legends 

Hot and Horrifying

Horror Prodigies and Legends

The Indie Filmmakers Handbook

Cinemassacres: A Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman

Rock-n-Roll Party of the Dead 

Christian non-fiction:

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light {featuring Anne Rice}

Indianas Got Talent!

Faith in Fiction, Film, and Music

Walking A Thin Line: Edgy Christian Fiction As A New Subgenre

Fiction: {horror}


Dark Karnivale

Lucid Nightmares

Box of Worms


Horror Prodigies and Legends

Hot and Horrifying

Joan Crawford Has Risen From the Grave

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Past Interviews and Fiction 

Past interviews include Anne Rice, Jack Ketchum, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and Brooke Lewis, with past special guest fiction from John Everson, Roberta Lannes, Teri A. Jacobs, and Michael McCarty. 

Past book signings:

Cinemassacres book signing, Dark Delicacies book store, Burbank, CA. , 2010


Interviews - short list:

Nicole Kruex – star of Zen: Hunter

Rachel Grubb / star of Terror Overload and 13 Hours In A Warehouse

Chainsaw Sally Star and co-creator April Burril

Michelle Tomlinson / Star of The Cellar Door & Brain Dead

Writer/Director Michelle Fatale

Denise Gossett/ Star of Decaying Orbit and festival Director of Shriekfest

Shannon Lark/ Actress of Walking Distance and CEO of Chainsaw Mafia

Liz Adams / Director of Side Effect

Scarlet Salem/ Star of Terror Overload & Killer Biker Chicks

FX artist Megan Areford

Elaine Lamkin / Writer/interviewer/ Dread Central

Dai Green- columnist for Horrornews.net

Melanie Robel / star of Alien Vengeance

Julie Anne – star of Slices

Maureen ''Mo'' Whelan / Producer and star of Client 14

Teri McMinn  / star of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Teresa Fahs / Director, FX artist

Judy Cerda / star of The Forbidden Island

Brooke Lewis/ Owner Philly Chick Pictures/Actress/Producer/Ms.Vampy/KinkyKillers/iMurders

Actress/model Mikki Lawless   

Lillith Stabs  / star of Vampire Call Girls and Bad Movie Police

The Lonely Ones star Devanny Pinn

Debbie Rochon / host of Fangoria Radio on Sirius/XM and star of over a hundred horror films including COLOUR FROM THE DARK and AMERICAN NIGHTMARE.

Zoe Chlanda / star of Cynthia's Revenge

Cyndi Crotts / actress of Slip Of the Tongue

Lissa Slasher / star of  His Name Was Jason

Albino Farm star / Bianca Barnett

Tara Cardinal / star of Legend Of the Red Reaper

Victoria DeMare / star of Werewolf In A Women's Prison

FX artist Evie FX

Suzi Lorraine star of Won Ton Baby

Countess Dracula : Ingrid Pitt

Hellraiser’s Butterball Cenobite : Simon Bamford

The Godfather Of Gore: Herschell Gordon Lewis

The Dark Backward: Director Adam Rifkin

Chainsaw Sally creators JimmyO and April Monique Burril

Actor, writer, producer Jim O’Rear

Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Edwin Neal

Girls & Corpses Magazine editor Robert Steven Rhine

FX Wizard Mike McCarty

Midnight Syndicate’s Edward Douglas

Gutterballs actor Dan Ellis

Scream Queen Monique Dupree

Spoken word performer Ryan ‘’Rat’’ Travis

Special guest interview: Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Crypt Club Productions CEO Miguel Gallego

A Man of new horrors: Director Paul Solet

Actor Paul J. Alessi

Screenwriter Paul Hart Wilden

Saint Productions Jon Price

Scream Queen Scarlet Salem

Domain of the Damned  director Stacy Davidson

Ed Gein director Chuck Parello

Gruesome Slime guy Gregory Lamberson

Michael McCarty

Brooke Lewis

Dr. Gangrene

Son Of Ghoul

Barney Burman

Gunther Redmund

Brad Case


Kayla Perkins

Domiziano Arcangeli

Joe Moe

David Niall Wilson

Ken Kupstis

Kitsie Duncan

Katie Stewart

Chris Adler

Paul J. Salamoff

Debbie Rochon

Brinke Stevens

Jeff Kirkendall

Gabrielle Faust

Syl Disjonk

Brian Pulido

Kelli Maroney

George Wilbur

Dante Tomaselli

Electric Frankenstein

Daniel G. Keohane

Sally the Zombie Cheerleader

Katt Shea

Joe Zaso

John Murphy

Skylar White

Ingrid Pitt

Joshua Stewart

Mitchel Jones

Tyler Bates

Christopher Robichaud

Angel Time authoress Anne Rice

Field of Blood authorEric Wilson

Scream author Mike Dellosso

Melanie Wells – author of My Soul to Keep

Daniel G. Keohane – author of Solomon’s Grave

Ellen C. Maze – author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider

Sean Casteel – author of The Excluded Books of the Bible

Knights of Breton Court author Maurice Broaddus

Shadowman author Kevin Maze

Distant Thunder author Jimmy Root Jr.

Day Omega author Craig Harms

Tim Powers – author of The Anubis Gates

G. P. Taylor -, author of Shadowmancer

Kirk Outerbridge - author of Eternity Falls

John Aubrey Anderson – author of The Cool Woman

Fred Warren - author of The Muse

Harry Kraus - author of The Six-Liter Club

Robin Parrish – author of Offworld and The Dominion Trilogy

Michelle Levigne – creator of the Commonwealth Universe books

Jeffrey Overstreet -author of Through a Screen Darkly: Looking Closer at Beauty, Truth and Evil at the Movies

Brandt Dodson – crime novelist

Searching For Eden author Keith Madsen

Never Without Hope author Michelle Sutton

Special guest interview: Former FBI agent and The Last Undercover author Bob Hamer

Searching For Eden author Keith Madsen

Back On Murder author J. Mark Bertrand

Never Without Hope author Michelle Sutton

Author K. Dawn Byrd

Someone To Blame author C.S. Lakin

Fudge Laced Felonies author Cynthia Hickey

Burden Of Faith author Dean M. Thompson

Black Earth: The End of the Innocence David N. Alderman

The Remains author Vincent Zandri

The Bishop author Steven James

Vengeance author Donna Dawson

Until the Last Dog Dies author John Robinson

Angel Time author Anne Rice

In the Midst of Deceit author Deborah Piccurelli

Gedden's Armor author Tom Bazow

Kris Rhen / author of the up-coming Hidden War trilogy

Tales of Faeraven author Janalyn Voigt

Out Of the Darkness author Anne Patrick

Bleeder author John Desjarlais

Author/speaker Kathy Eberly

Author Lynette Eason

Author of the best-selling WJA series Aaron Patterson

Beyond the Limit author Joan Saberhagen

Author Timothy Fish

Nightshade author Ronie Kendig

Author David Meigs

Frostbite author Lynn Rush

Rooms author James Rubart

Author Elizabeth Moon

Interview with the late Joseph McGee, author of The Reaper

East Texas Gothic: Joe R. Lansdale

Christ The Lord authoress Anne Rice

Goodbye, Dark Love authoress Roberta Lannes

Needles and Sins author John Everson

They Hunger author Scott Nicholson

Bell, Book, and Beyond : P.D. Cacek

The Road To Hell: Gerard Houarner

Meat author Joseph D’Lacey

Anno Dracula author Kim Newman

Dying To Live author Kim Paffenroth

Ralan.com mastermind and author Ralan Conley

The Void authoress Teri A. Jacobs

The Manitou author Graham Masterton

Monster Behind The Wheel authors Michael McCarty & Mark McLaughlin

The Haunted authoress Tamara Thorne

Horror Sinisteria authoress Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

The Blackest Heart author Vince Churchill

Scribes Of Speculative Fiction author Cristopher DeRose

Around A Dark Corner authoress Jeani Rector

Bleeder author Dave Bonnewell

Horror ,Crime, and Suspense Author Jason M. Tucker

Paying the Piper author Simon Wood

The Man On The Ceiling co-author Steve Rasnic tem

Bestial  author Ray Garton

Everdead author Rio Youers

Horror and dark fiction authoress Myrrym Davies

Dead City author Joe McKinney

Michael Laimo author of Deep In The Darkness

Author and playwright Chet Williamson

Horror author and film critic L.L. Soares

Jack Ketchum

The Island author Tim Lebbon

Jeremy C. Shipp

Author Mark Edward Hall

Authoress  Polly Frost

Authoresss Terrie Leigh Relf

Behind The Mask Of The Horror Actor author and actor Doug Bradley

Dead City author Joe McKinney

The Lost Village author Mark Edward Hall

Authoress Cynthia L. Dragish

Author Tim Waggoner

Author Craig Spector

Author Tim Waggoner

Author Garth A. Buchholz

Author Steven Shrewsbury

Author J.T Carney

Author Travis James

The Vampire Keeper authoress Laura Bickle

Richard Christian Matheson

Phil Nutman

Artist Frank Dietz

Multi-Media artist and Forry’s ‘’best pal’’ Joe Moe

Michael Mallory - author of ‘’Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy Of Horror’’

John Dimes- actor/artist/author of The Rites of Pretending Tribe

Brian Walker – creator of Brian’s Drive-In Theatre

Robert Leininger – producer of The Undying Monsters

Dick Dyszel { Count Gore Devol} host of Creature Feature

Artist Jim McDermott

Lucy Hell of Mystery Island Publications

Rue Morgue Magazine art director ‘’Ghoulish’’ Gary Pullin

Courtlandt Hull – creator of ‘’The Witch’s Dungeon’’ Museum in Bristol, CT.

Kevin Sean Michaels – director of Vampira: The Movie

Moebius Models creator Frank Winspur

Dr. Mangor – Antimator, photographer, creator of Suicidal Suzi comic

Scifi-Womanthology  editor Pam Keesey

Don Calfa - star of Return of the Living Dead

Scalps director Fred Olen Ray

NCIS star Muse Watson

Jason Paul Collum – author of Assault of the Killer Bs

Horror Films of the 1980s author John Kenneth Muir

Strangewood author Christopher Golden

Sara Karloff – daughter of horror icon Boris Karloff

Interview with Cinemassacres author Iron Dave, conducted by Roberta Lannes

Covenant and The 13th author John Everson

The Amazing Kreskin

Count Gregula

Chopping Mall director Jim Wynorksi


Kimberly Bowling 

A prolific writer in her own right, Kimberly Bowling is a born and raised Southerner. Her work depicts the quirks and macabre of the South from an honest perspective told like none other with first hand knowledge. Her short story ‘Not In My Kitchen’ will appear in an upcoming issue of Folly Magazine. She resides in Muscle Shoals, Al with her family, German Shepherd and an orphaned fox named Todd. She has recently joined us as our new assistant fiction editor!